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Workshop massage and stretching

More rideability and relaxation through targeted grips on your own horse

Many horses suffer from tension and poor posture, which can lead to resilience, illness and injuries in the long term. This not only prevents diseases, but also significantly improves rideability and relaxation during training - for more fun training together. In this workshop you will learn to feel tension in your own horse and to solve it through targeted measures.


Target group:

horse owner

Course content Theory:

  • Skeleton structure and bony landmarks

  • Anatomy of the active musculoskeletal system and muscle physiology

  • Basics of massage and stretching

  • Aids and physical therapy

  • Often tense muscles


Course content practice:    

  • Orientation on the horse – feel for skeletal points

  • feel tension

  • Massage and stretching on the horse

  • Aids and physical therapy for horses

Course information:

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., including a one-hour lunch break

more individual  Price depending on the location of the stable and the number of participants
including seminar documents

The course can be arranged individually by stables/clubs.

There are currently no public events for this workshop. Ask for the next possible dates for your stable!

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