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Trainer training Functional anatomy and training planning

In this advanced training, anatomy, biomechanics and movement sequences are scientifically analyzed in individual exercises or movement sequences based on research results. In addition, we deal with research results for training analysis, performance and function tests in order to convert the anatomy and biomechanics from individual exercises into sensibly organized training plans for the respective horse.


Target group:



face-to-face training


  • November 2022 - November 2023

  • 6 modules

Course content Theory (research based):

  • Anatomy, biomechanics and movements

    • Forehand, hindquarters, neck and back

  • Training analysis and planning

    • Muscle training, training tests, skeletal development

  • Effect of equipment and tools on biomechanics

    • Auxiliary reins, saddle, bridle and Co

    • Cavaletti, training surfaces and aids

  • Impact of the rider on the biomechanics of the horse

    • Assessment of carrying capacity

    • Influence of rider weight, rider seat and rider influence on the biomechanics of the horse


Course content practice:    

  • Exterior and gait analysis

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