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In my treatment I combine different manual techniques and therapies, so I can analyse a problem from every perspective and solve the restriction of range of motion with best chances. Additional I use leech therapy for acute diseases and injuries.

Find out more about the different techniques I'm using:

Kinesiotaping Pferd

Treating movement restrictions through muscle- and fascia techniques, such as working with laser, cupping, taping and rehatraining...


Regulation of the autonom nervous system and the restoration of the optimal supply of the movement- and organ tract through techniques at the vertebrae...


Treatment of dysfunction and vertebrae subluxation through small and direct adjustments...

Procedure of treatment

Examination of:

  • current trainingsituation

  • noticeable problems in training and contact

  • known injuries and deseases

  • malpositions and asymmetries in the exterieur

  • condition of muscles

Examination of movement:

  • on hand on even ground

  • lunging on soft surface

  • in certain exercises like moving backwards etc.

  • if required under rider

Palpation of bodycondition:

  • noticeable changes in bones

  • muscle hardening

  • asymmetries in muscles

  • injuries and scars

  • pain reactions

Testing and treatment:

  • testing movement of all joints and vertebraes

  • treating all restrictions of range of motion with different techniques for mucles and fascia or with mobilization of bones and joints

  • support through physical therapies, dry needling, laser, cupping and taping

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