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Diana Landscron

Equine Physiotherapy (DIPO)

Equine Osteopathy (Barbara Welter-Böller)

Equine Chiropractic (ATM)

Postgraduate Diploma Osteopathy (ICREO)

MRes Equine Performance and Rehabilitation

    (Hartpury University, United Kingdom)


I was always fascinated by how you can bring horses with wrong movement patterns and missing muscles back to topform and how you can help horses with diseases and injuries to get sound again. Thats why I put so much effort in my own medical education.

Beside my education and training I try to learn as much as possible from daily practise. Through externships at hospitals and rehab centers I want to increase my experience.

Further Education

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06/2015    First aid in horses

03/2016    Anatomy symposium equine back

03/2016    Acupressure horse I

04/2016    Acupressure horse II

04/2016    Performance diagnosis and training principles

09/2016    Stresspoint massage in horses after Jack Meagher

01/2017     Antomy and biomechanics of the hindlimb

02/2017     Equine Dry Needling

07/2017     Equine Leech therapy

09/2017    Neuroosteopathy in horses

11/2017     Dental evaluation in the manual treatment

09/2018   Lameness diagnosis of the frontlimb

10/2018    Lameness diagnosis of the back and hindlimb

10/2018    Laser therapy in COB horses

09/2019    Visceral osteopathy - digestive tract

10/2019    Shockwave therapy in the equine athlete

10/2019    Evaluation of lameness and poor performance

10/2019    Visceral osteopathy - genitourinary tract

11/2019     Anatomy and biomechanics of the head

12/2019    Jones techniques - strain and counterstrain

02/2020   Cranio sacral and visceral fascia kinetic lines

03/2020   Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

04/2020   Back Issues in Performance Horses

11/2020    Fetlock, Metacarpus and Carpus

02/2021    Motor-Control based Rehabilitation Spinal Dysfunction

02/2021    ECVSMR Scientific Meeting: Tendinopathies

02/2021    Proprioception and Posture

03/2021    Hindlimb Suspensory and Hock Issues

03/2021    Negative Plantar Angles

03/2021    Equine Rehab and Posture Training

05/2021    Stammer Kinetics - Module I

06/2021    Fascia Cycle KE

07/2021     Stammer Kinetics - Module II

09/2021    Cranio-Sacral and Visceral Osteopathy

09/2021    Kinematics of SI-Joint: Asssesment and Rehabilitation

11/2021     Practical Rehab: Ridden and ground work

06/2022    Equine Laterality

07/2022    Understanding and Managing Saddle Slip

08/2022    Wetlab: Shockwave Therapy

08/2022    IAVRPT Conference Cambridge University 2022

DIPO | Dr. Peter Ende

University of Leipzig | Prof. Dr. Christoph Muelling, Dr.  Dora Bernigau

DIPO | VET Fatma Mirjam Ormeloh

DIPO | VET Fatma Mirjam Ormeloh

DIPO | Dr. Katrin Heipertz

DIPO | Christian Hagner

University of Leipzig | Prof. Dr. Christoph Muelling, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Gerlach

DIPO | Dr. Elke Kurz

Beate Jüngling

BWB | VET Maximilian Welter

BWB | Klaus Meyer

Warendorf Equine Clinic | Dr. Augusto Fernández, Dr. Lisa Zimmer

Warendorf Equine Clinic | Dr. Augusto Fernández, Dr. Lisa Zimmer

Vinya Bauer

ICREO | Stefan Alen, Frank Dirckx

Dr. A. Kent Allen

EQUITOPIA Poland | Dr. Sue Dyson, Dr. Karin Leibbrandt, Tessa Roos

ICREO | Stefan Alen, Frank Dirckx

University of Leipzig | Prof. Dr. Christoph Muelling, Dr. Alice Manders

ICREO | Stefan Alen, Frank Dirckx

ICREO | Stefan Alen, Frank Dirckx

Dr. Sheila Schils

ISELP | Dr. A. Kent Allen

ISELP | Prof. Dr. Jean Marie Denoix, Dr. A. Kent Allen


Prof. Dr. Stephanie Dankin, Prof. Dr. RogerSmith, Dr. Jonathan McLellan

Dr. Karen Gelman

Dr. A. Kent Allen

Dr. Peter Clements, Yogi Sharp

Dr. Gilian Tabor

IAVC | Stefan Stammer, VET Kirstin Becker

RIB Academy | Katja Eser

IAVC | Stefan Stammer, Dr. Selma Latif

ICREO | Stefan Alen, Frank Dirckx


PKW Events | Fiona Bloom MSc, Liz Eaton

CENTAUR BIOMECHANICS | Dr. Russel MacKechnie-Guire

CENTAUR BIOMECHANICS | Dr. Russel MacKechnie-Guire

IAVRPT | Dr. Kirsten Häusler

IAVRPT | International


2014     Externship sportshorse and younghorse training - Seeis Stud, Namibia

2016     German Riding Badge RA4, German Lunging Badge LA5

2019     Externship Pferdeklinik Bargteheide - Lameness diagnosis with Julie Pokar

2019     Lecturing therapist classes

2021     Externship Rehabilitation, Equine Therapy Center, Hartpury University, UK

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